Medicaid Expansion:


13 years ago the federal government gave every state an opportunity to expand their Medicaid programs, and for 13 years our representatives in Raleigh have put their own party posturing over the needs of the hard-working citizens of North Carolina. Providing access to improved healthcare through expansion of Medicaid protects rural hospitals, expands coverage to 500,000 North Carolinians, and brings 4 billion dollars into North Carolina without raising a single penny in state taxes. Increasing mental health access, combating opioid addiction, and making preventative care more accessible are all things of the utmost importance to us all and Medicaid expansion is how we get there.

End Gerrymandering:


“Every vote counts” is the cornerstone of our entire political process but when one party draws the lines to benefit itself over the other that statement becomes hollow. For this reason I am calling for a bi-partisan board to oversee that process. I propose a board consisting equally of Democrats, Republicans and Unaffiliated representatives with a finalization process that requires signature by both the Governor and Lt. Governor. Nothing is more important than securing our election process and making the will of the voter truly count.

Teacher Pay:

Republicans in Raleigh tell us that we cant afford to give our teachers and other state employees a meaningful raise because we need to cut corporate taxes in order to “stimulate” the economy. Major corporations are using tax cuts for paying down corporate debt and for stock buyback, that which directly benefits the company, not the working class citizen. These corporate tax cuts happening in the General Assembly are harming North Carolina. Investing in an educated workforce is far more beneficial for both major corporations and to North Carolinians than the alleged stimulus to the economy. Our teachers and our state employees need every tool we can give them because when they fail, we put our children at risk and we put our future at risk.


  • Chairman, Gaston County Democratic Party

  • Chairman, City of Gastonia Fair Housing Citizens Advisory Board

  • Member, Gaston County Library Board of Trustees 

  • Member, North Carolina League of Conservation Voters


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